1st class help the Green Schools

First class have been learning all about the importance of recycling and composting over the last number of weeks.

To help the wonderful new Green School comittee, first class decided to pick up some litter around the school and in the Fr. Ferris field.


The class grabbed their litter pickers and set off to pick up any litter that was found around our lovely school.

The class are delighted to say that very little litter was found on the school grounds, however, most of the litter that was picked was found outside of the school grounds in Fr. Ferris field. The class took a survey of what litter was found and where so the committee know what areas need more attention.



First class sandwiches

Today, First class got busy making their favourite sandwiches for lunch.


Throughout the week, we had been discussing our favourite fillings to put in sandwiches as part of our procedural writing.

We wrote how to make our yummy sandwiches too.

Rang 1


Rang 1 explores lots of fruit and vegetables during science week. We learned lots about our teeth and how to look after our teeth every day.