The Adventures of Rang 3

Rang 3 have been very busy so far this year, the class would like to share some of the fantastic Art that they class have made over the last couple of months.

Also, the class had a very special day out earlier in the year to make pizza.

 Pizza in Supermac’s

In October, Supermac’s Fermoy launched a competition for local schools in the area. The winner would receive a prize for the whole class of a trip to the local Supermac’s store to take part in a pizza making lesson.

In November, news came that the winner of the competition was Luke in Rang 3. Both Luke and the class were very happy to hear the news, they would be going to Supermac’s to not only make pizza but to eat the pizza too!

Pupils were invited to the store on November 20th. Pupils learnt what ingredients are used to make pizza dough, pupils saw how the dough is neaded and the pizza is rolled out to make its signature shape. The class then got to pick what toppings they would like to put on  their own individual pizza.

The pizzas were then placed in the oven to cook. When the pizzas were ready the class had the opportunity to eat the delicious pizzas.

The class would like to thank Supermacs in Fermoy for a fantastic day in the store.


Clay Bowls

For Art the pupils in the class worked with clay to produce some magnificent pieces. Each pupil was given some clay and were asked to create a bowl, the pupils worked very hard to make these beautiful bowls.

First the pupils worked the clay to make the desired shape. Next, the bowls were let to dry for a number of days, finally, when the bowls were ready the pupils painted the bowls using bright paints.

Toy Inventions

The pupils became toy inventors earlier this year, pupils brought some materials from home and were given the instruction to create a toy. Pupils used materials like cardboard, paper, old bottles and boxes to create these toys. The pupils worked very hard on the toys and this shows in the toys that they produced.