Green school Flag launch



On Thursday 18th of June, the whole school community gathered to celebrate the raising of the schools fifth green flag.


Each class sang a song about  helping the earth and how to be a good global citizen.



Pupils dressed in green or wore superhero costumes!

Special guest, Cork hurler Niall O Leary, came to raise the flag with the pupils from the Green School Commitee.

To mark the day, 2nd class planted two apple trees next to the path of the entrance to the school.

Dona’s Flower

Yesterday my teacher told us to plant flowers. First, teacher gave me a label. I wrote my name on the label. Teacher gave me a cup and I put the label on the cup so everyone would know it was my flower.


Next, I put the cup upside down and put four holes in the bottom, because teacher told me to do it to help the flower drain any extra water out.



Then, I got some soil from the bag, and filled my cup. I filled it up with the soil and pushed the soil firmly down.  I went to the sink, I lifted the handle of the tap to put in some water in my cup.

Teacher put different seeds out for the class, the choices were lettuce, sweet peas and flowers. I picked flowers because I love them and they smell so good.  I put the seeds in the cup and pushed the seeds down to make sure they were in the soil.



Finally, I brought my cup to the cupboard, opened the door of the cupboard and put my cup in, and closed the door.  Teacher said I had to do this so the seeds can germinate. This will help my flowers grow.



I am so excited to see my flowers.

By Dona, Rang a 3.

Rang 6 of 2016

On Wednesday 29th of June, Rang 6 walked out the gates of Castlelyons National School for the final time, the pupils will be moving on to the next stage of the education system. We would like to wish all pupils the best in the future.


Students, parents and staff gathered outside to wish the pupils well as they walk towards   very bright futures. images

Rang 3 agus Rang 4 explore the secrets of West Cork


On the 23rd of May, fourth class went to West Cork Secret on their school tour with Rang 3. Fortunately it was a sunny day.

First of all we got on the bus, it took over an hour to get there. Then when we arrived we met our instructor.

After than we got put into groups and went orienteering. Later we went fishing in a pond in the woods. We were looking for tadpoles and insects. After that we went go-karting and milking plastic cows.

The we did team building exercises. Then we had pizza and our lunches. After that we went on big wet water slide called, Big Mama.

Later, everyone went through the woods to do an obstacle course.

Finally. we  had a shower and got back on the bus to go back to school. We went straight home when we got back to school.

We all really enjoyed our school tour this year. We hope to go back next year again!

By Grace

Photos to follow soon 🙂



Rang 5 Maths Fair

On Friday the 17th of June, Rang a Cúig hosted a Maths Fair in their classroom. Rang a Ceathair were guests at the Fair.

On Wednesday the 15th of June, Rang a Cúig discussed different events that could be held during the final weeks of school. Teacher suggested hosting a Maths fair, the whole class agreed that a Maths Fair was a wonderful idea.

Soon after, when the date for the fair was picked, the class wrote an invitation to Rang a Ceathair to come to the maths fair.

Rang a cúig arranged the different maths topics for the fair. The class worked with Ms. Finn to pick the math challenges. The class selected:

  1. Place Value
  2. Lines and Angles/The Circle
  3. Length
  4. Shapes
  5. Fractions
  6. Money
  7. Chance
  8. Weight
  9. Capacity
  10. Tables
  11. Area
  12. Operations

Tables were set up in the classroom for each math challenge. Two pupils from Rang a cúig were at each station to quiz the pupils from Rang a ceathair on the different maths subjects.

Rang a ceathair enjoyed the different stations, and liked the topics that Rang cúig picked.

Everyone had a great time at the Maths Fair 🙂


In preparation for their Graduation Mass, Rang a 6 decided they would like to treat their teachers, parents and guests by baking some delicious goodies.  They had lots of fun choosing their favourite recipes and preparing all the ingredients. Everyone helped by bringing in all the epuipment needed and then on the day it was ” all hands on deck “, to ensure that there were plenty of treats for everyone.  Keep an eye on the “Baking corner” of our blog for all the recipes of the day!

Two students from Rang a 4 write very informative recounts of their recent Maths Fair (17.6.2016)



By Sarah

On Friday 17th of June at 11:15 all of our class went into the fifth class room to play some maths games.

First we went to their classroom and were kindly greeted by Ms Finn.She explained a few rules and we went in to begin our adventure through maths.

Next we went to loads of different maths stations we had so much fun.Chloe and I were partners we had so much fun doing all the maths problems.

Then we went to a few other groups , my favourite group was Cathal and Angelos group,they were very enthusiastic.Their station was the measurment station.

After we all lined up to leave , we gave fifth class a big clap for there great work , but most of us were distracted whilst rumaging through all the sweets we won.

Finally we came back into the classroom and ate our lunch and of course all our sweets.

I think fifth class did amazing work ,so much time and effort went into the maths fair.

Maith thu Rang a cuig



By Clara

On Friday the 17 june 4th & 5th class got together for a maths fair.

First we all went into the portacabin (MS Finns class) and Miss Finn greeted us.

Secondly, my group (SAOIRSE & LAUREN) went around to the stations.We did 3d shapes, money,chance,operation,place value,tables and measuring lines.

Thirdly, we all went to see if we got a prize.I came 2nd in the money station and I won a highlighter.

It was a great day and I hope that I will be able to do it again next year.