Green school Flag launch



On Thursday 18th of June, the whole school community gathered to celebrate the raising of the schools fifth green flag.


Each class sang a song about  helping the earth and how to be a good global citizen.



Pupils dressed in green or wore superhero costumes!

Special guest, Cork hurler Niall O Leary, came to raise the flag with the pupils from the Green School Commitee.

To mark the day, 2nd class planted two apple trees next to the path of the entrance to the school.

World Book Day with Junior Infants and Second Class

Junior Infants and Second Class celebrated World Book Day on Thursday 7th March by doing some ‘Buddy Reading’. They each found a buddy from the opposite class and second class pupils read some books to their buddy from Junior Infants.

Both classes loved getting to know their new friends and asked each other lots of questions to get to know each other better.

They had ‘THE BEST DAY’ celebrating World Book Day with their new buddy! 🙂


Second Class explore Peru

Cultural Day was Friday 15th February. Every class chose a country to study that pupils/parents came from to celebrate multiculturalism in Ireland. Second class chose Peru in South America.

Most of the class knew very little about Peru to begin with. Therefore they were very interested to learn so many facts about this country. Following lots of learning about many parts of Peru, the children created projects in groups which involved research, planning and presentations. Titles of these projects included; ‘Fact File’, ‘Food and Clothes’, ‘Amazing Animals’, ‘Machu Picchu’, ‘The Amazon’ and ‘Similarities and Differences between Ireland and Peru’.

The children dressed up in Peruvian clothes/the colours of Peru: Red and White for Cultural Day and they presented their projects to Junior Infants, Senior Infants, First Class, Le Chéile and many teachers. They did a fantastic job!

Second class also created Llamas in art when learning about Peru. They had so much fun making these and as you can see, they are very impressive! 🙂

Games in the Past

Second class have been learning all about life for children in the past.

We learned about schools in the past a few weeks ago and the differences between schools then and now.

This week we have been learning about ‘Games in the Past’.

First, we completed a questionnaire with one of our parents or grandparents. We asked them all about what they played as a child and what toys they had. We found many differences and also got some advice. Some of the advice for playing games nowadays was; to play outdoors in the fresh air and to use our imaginations more!

Then, we did history stations in class.

We sorted new and old toys in a giant Venn Diagram.

We described the differences between new and old toys.

We worked together to read and learn about games played in the past.

Finally, we got to play with some of the games from the past.

We had a great time! 🙂

Science Week in Rang 2

November 12th – 16th was Science week and rang 2 had a fantastic time being scientists that week.

We learned about the various types of fingerprints; ‘whorl’, ‘arch’, ‘simple loop’ and ‘double loop’. We studied how fingerprints are used to identify people as no two prints are exactly the same and we even found that animals can be identified by their own prints – dog’s by their nose prints. We loved identifying our own fingerprints.

We carried out the ‘Magic Milk experiment’ and discovered the effect washing up liquid has on milk. The food colouring showed us the chemical reaction it created.

We loved making Lava Lamps!

We learned that vegetable oil floats on water as it is less dense. We discovered that Alka Seltzer tablets created a chemical reaction in the vegetable oil causing the food colouring droplets to move like ‘a tornado in the water’.

Finally, we saw the effect mentos had on diet coke. It happened so fast that we needed to borrow a photo from the internet!!

Second class wish it was Science Week every week!


Grandparents Day with Second Class

Every year Castlelyons National School makes a big effort to recognise the special contribution that grandparents make to families in their school.

Second Class recently celebrated ‘Grandparents Day’ in school as part of Catholic Schools Week and it was a big success!

Many of the children’s grandparents attended the school on Wednesday 31st January to be given an insight into what school is like nowadays. The children loved showing their grandparents around the classroom, showing them their projects/artwork and introducing them to their classmates. The grandparents were amazed to see all of the resources and displays in classrooms today.

Each of the children wrote an acrostic poem about their grandparents and explained why a grandparent is special in their own words. This was particularly heart-warming.

The children performed a ‘Grandparents Day Poem’ which was enjoyed by all. They also presented their grandparents with beautiful cards that they handmade.

Grandparents got involved in history projects with the children through assisting in questionnaires. Many grandparents shared their own experiences of school and their childhood which led to a fun question and answer session. The children were particularly amazed by how their grandparents had to walk up to 3miles to get to school and how they remembered their teachers making ink in the classroom.


Finally, tea, coffee, cakes and chat followed in the halla. Thanks to Carmel for facilitating this.

Overall it was a fantastic day that we are sure the children will remember and cherish for years to come.

Miss Forde and Mr. De Róiste would like to send a big thanks to everybody who attended!

Engineers Week 2017


To mark engineers week, the school had a visit from three engineeers who spoke to all classes about careers in engineering.

Each class were  given the task of building a bridge with the goal of a toy car being able to cross the bridge successfully. Each group were given a bag containing limited building materials to build the bridge.

As you can see, Rang 2 did a fantastic job at building the bridges and Castlelyons National School certainly have some engineers in the making !

Autumn Art

The pupils of Castlelyons have been embracing Autumn over the past number of weeks. All the classes have used a variety of art materials to create beautiful autumnal masterpieces.

This post showcases the works of our artists in junior infants, senior infants, Rang 1 and Rang 2.

“Every child is an artist” Pablo Picasso

image4 (3)Junior Infants and Le Cheile

Junior Infants and Le Cheile have been very busy. Junior infants created beautiful Autumn trees, the pupils used a variety of paints to reflect the change of season. The trees are proudly displayed around the classroom. Le Cheile made squirrels complete with orange, red and yellow painted tails. Hedgehogs can be found hiding in the back of the Junior Infant classroom, they are very special hedgehogs because the hedgehogs have gold glitter spikes.

image1 (12) Senior Infants 

Senior Infants created a fantastic Autumn display in the classroom. Pupils painted white plates with the colours that inspire them during this season. The plates are a great representation of the Autumn colours that surround the school. Pupils brought in leaves and other items to present below the display,bringing some of the outdoors into the senior infant classroom.

image3 (3) Rang 1

Rang 1 used warm autumn paints to create autumn print art. The pupils first sponge painted a large white sheet in either yellow, red or orange. Next, using materials such as bottle tops, the pupils dipped the materials in black paint and used a print method to create different vehicles.

image5 (2) Rang 2

Rang 2  too inspiration from the works of Pablo Picasso. The pupils created line drawings from the world around them. The pupils focused on autumn scenes, which feature pumpkins and autumn dancing autumn leaves falling from trees.