Green school Flag launch



On Thursday 18th of June, the whole school community gathered to celebrate the raising of the schools fifth green flag.


Each class sang a song about  helping the earth and how to be a good global citizen.



Pupils dressed in green or wore superhero costumes!

Special guest, Cork hurler Niall O Leary, came to raise the flag with the pupils from the Green School Commitee.

To mark the day, 2nd class planted two apple trees next to the path of the entrance to the school.

Piñata fun in Rang 1

First class have have been learning all about Mexico in school this term.

One interesting fact that we learnt was that in Mexico at children’s parties, the children will have a piñata filled with treats and surprises.

Ms. Feeney got the class a piñata  as a treat for the class! So we could try it out for ourselves 🙂.


We were so excited to get started !


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We all took a turn to hit the piñata.


The piñata after we were finished! There were so many yummy treats 😊

World Book Day 2019


To celebrate World Book Day, pupils in the school dressed up as a character from their favourite book.

Rang a 3 very kindly shared some of their favourite books with the pupils in Rang a 1. The pupils in 3rd class took time to read to the 1st class pupils.

1st class really enjoyed hearing the stories and even shared some of their favourite books with the pupils from Rang a 3.

1st class also made some beautiful bookmarks to celebrate the day!

1st class help the Green Schools

First class have been learning all about the importance of recycling and composting over the last number of weeks.

To help the wonderful new Green School comittee, first class decided to pick up some litter around the school and in the Fr. Ferris field.


The class grabbed their litter pickers and set off to pick up any litter that was found around our lovely school.

The class are delighted to say that very little litter was found on the school grounds, however, most of the litter that was picked was found outside of the school grounds in Fr. Ferris field. The class took a survey of what litter was found and where so the committee know what areas need more attention.



Fly a goat to Africa with Bóthar


Each Easter, Castlelyons National School takes part in the annual Bóthar Fly a Goat to Africa campaign.

The school must raise €300 to send an Irish dairy goat to help families in Africa.  An Irish goat produces up to four times as much milk as a local cow giving families and communities up to four litres of nutritious milk per day. That  is enough to enable the family to enjoy milk in their diet and enables the family to raise money from the sale of extra milk and cheese.

Families who receive dairy goats from Bóthar would often not have enough land to support a larger animal,  this ensures that the goat goes to the people that need it the most.

This year, the school were lucky to have a visit from the goat that will make her way to Africa to help those families in need.


Rang 1


Rang 1 explores lots of fruit and vegetables during science week. We learned lots about our teeth and how to look after our teeth every day.

Autumn Art

The pupils of Castlelyons have been embracing Autumn over the past number of weeks. All the classes have used a variety of art materials to create beautiful autumnal masterpieces.

This post showcases the works of our artists in junior infants, senior infants, Rang 1 and Rang 2.

“Every child is an artist” Pablo Picasso

image4 (3)Junior Infants and Le Cheile

Junior Infants and Le Cheile have been very busy. Junior infants created beautiful Autumn trees, the pupils used a variety of paints to reflect the change of season. The trees are proudly displayed around the classroom. Le Cheile made squirrels complete with orange, red and yellow painted tails. Hedgehogs can be found hiding in the back of the Junior Infant classroom, they are very special hedgehogs because the hedgehogs have gold glitter spikes.

image1 (12) Senior Infants 

Senior Infants created a fantastic Autumn display in the classroom. Pupils painted white plates with the colours that inspire them during this season. The plates are a great representation of the Autumn colours that surround the school. Pupils brought in leaves and other items to present below the display,bringing some of the outdoors into the senior infant classroom.

image3 (3) Rang 1

Rang 1 used warm autumn paints to create autumn print art. The pupils first sponge painted a large white sheet in either yellow, red or orange. Next, using materials such as bottle tops, the pupils dipped the materials in black paint and used a print method to create different vehicles.

image5 (2) Rang 2

Rang 2  too inspiration from the works of Pablo Picasso. The pupils created line drawings from the world around them. The pupils focused on autumn scenes, which feature pumpkins and autumn dancing autumn leaves falling from trees.