Halloween Fun in Le Chéile

The children in Le Chéile had great fun during the week leading up to the Halloween break.

They made rice krispie buns that resembled pumpkins by using food colouring to create the orange colour and marshmallows to stick the rice krispies together. They used mini chocolate rolos for the pumpkin stems and some icing for the leaves. Great fun was had and they were yummy!


They all dipped their feet into white paint to create spooky footprint ghost pictures. They titled it -‘Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet’



The children dressed up in Halloween costumes the day of the holidays. They were surprised to get a visit from Little Red Riding Hood (our wonderful SNA, Elaine) and the Big Bad Wolf (her very friendly dog, George). They all took turns to walk George around the room. Rory dressed up as a vet and checked George’s ears and heart. The children are pictured here looking out the classroom door longing for George to come back when he had to leave. I’m sure Elaine will bring him in again another time. It won’t be the last they’ll see of George!


We were all very excited to get our hands dirty and create a spooky pumpkin. The children helped to scoop out all of the pumpkin seeds using their hands.


We played ‘bobbing for apples’ later in the day. The children were not a bit afraid to get their faces wet. Our trips to the swimming pool back in September paid off! 🙂


We hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! from Le Chéile


Le Chéile have been ‘Busy Bees’ this Summer Term


Take a look at some of the things that Le Chéile have been up to since the beginning of May.

Science Experiments

Le Chéile made patterns using the sweets ‘skittles’ on plates. They were very careful as Ms. Forde poured warm water into the middle of the plate. They were amazed to see the colours blend together so quickly. They then used filter paper to make rainbow prints from this mixture.


Role Play

Le Chéile have developed their social and conversational skills through various role plays over the past few weeks. One of which was a ‘Burger Bar’. They had great fun taking on the roles of chef, customer, waiter and manager on the till. They ordered from the menu and practiced using money when paying for their meal. They learned some new phrases that they can use in any restaurant and they thoroughly enjoyed ‘eating’ their meals at the end.


Bubble Painting

Le Chéile had loads of fun ‘Bubble Painting’ in the playground. They mixed food dye into the bubbles and blew different colour bubbles onto card. They watched the bubbles burst to make a lovely piece of art.


Dog and Puppy visits 

Le Chéile got a very special visit from our SNA Elaines’ dog ‘George’. It was a lovely surprise. George was a very intelligent dog who listened to commands and even did magic tricks. The children were particularly amazed with how he could open the classroom door all by himself. They took him for a walk around the yard and had loads of fun.


Thanks to the Hallihan family in Castlelyons, Le Chéile also got a visit from one of their newborn puppies ‘Lobo’. They adored Lobo and loved petting him. They found him very funny as he was so playful.



Recently Le Chéile cooked Spaghetti Bolognese with the help of their teacher Ms. Forde and SNAs Miriam and Lynda.  They learned about what ingredients they needed and helped to prepare and cook the Spaghetti Bolognese. They were amazed at how the mince changed colour and how they spaghetti went from hard to soft. In the end, their favourite part was eating it all!

Learning about the Gardaí

Le Chéile have been learning about ‘people who work in our community’ a lot recently. As they have already met with a Doctor, Nurse, Vet, Fire Fighter, Baker, Airhostess, Postman and Shopkeeper, they were keen to meet with a Garda. They learned about the job of a Garda and how they can help us in many ways. They learned about many aspects of the Gardaí, including their clothing, where they work, what they drive, what gear they might have etc. It was then very special when three Gardaí – Conor, Peter and Wayne came to visit us in school. They brought a Garda car AND a Garda van. Le Chéile got to try on some of their equipment including hats and handcuffs. They also got to sit and ‘drive’ both vehicles. They loved hearing the sirens go. It was a very fun day.

Thank you to the Fermoy Garda Station for facilitating this visit.

Easter Egg-citement in Le Chéile

Le Chéile were very busy preparing for Easter through various activities the first week in April. They made Easter bunnies during art using cotton wool, paint and photographs of themselves.


Le Chéile enjoyed going on an Easter Egg Hunt around the school to find lots of chocolate coins, chocolate eggs and sweets that Ms. Forde had hidden.


The pupils in Le Chéile also made beautiful Easter Flower arrangements. We soaked the oasis overnight and Ms. Forde cut the flowers and foliage in the morning so that they were not too big. The pupils then made their flower arrangement by pushing the stems of the flowers and foliage into the oasis. They decorated it in the end with little chicks, sheep and eggs.

Some of the finished flower arrangements.

They learned the names of some new flowers and practiced their fine motor skills while having lots of fun. 🙂


Junior Infants learn about the Fire Station

Throughout the month of February, children in Junior Infants learned all about the fire station as part of their ‘Aistear-learning through play’ theme.

During Aistear time, children learned about the fire station at 3 different stations: ‘Role Play Station’, ‘Small World Station’ and ‘Creative Station’. Children got into role as fire fighters and used vocabulary associated with the fire station when playing at the various stations.
They then visited Fermoy Fire Station where they got a guided tour of the station by local fire fighters. The children prepared questions to interview the firefighters about their job. They were shown uniforms and equipment in the station and got the chance to explore both fire trucks. Each child had a turn spraying the hose and got a fire safety pack to take home.
Take a look at some of our Aistear photographs below to see the great fun that the children had learning about the fire station.

Senior Infants have lots of fun with Aistears “Hospital” theme

Senior Infants had loads of fun during Octobers Aistear theme, learning all about the medical professions.  We were so lucky to have an ambulance from the Irish Red Cross come to visit us at the school – organised by Jake’s mom, Lorraine and Grace’s aunty Sarah also visited and shared her nursing skills with the children. A huge thanks to Lorraine, Grace and the ambulance crew from all Senior Infants and  I think we may have lots of aspiring Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics in our class now!!!

Irish Coast Guard Visit and Water Safety Awareness Award

On Friday, 12th of February, the pupils and staff of Castlelyons National School had a very exciting morning. Earlier in the school year, Caroline Casey ( Safety Officer for  Cork City and County Council) came to the school and worked with the children regarding water safety, and how to stay safe when in the water.

The pupils successfully completed the course and the school was awarded the Water Safety Awareness Award. However, this was only the start of a very exciting adventure.

News arrived to the school that the Irish Coast Guard helicopter would come to the school to deliver and present the award.

Pupils arrived at school as normal, unaware that the Iirsh Coast Guard helicopter was in the sky making its way to Castlelyons. Staff and pupils were told to wait at Father Ferris Field, and excitment began to build among the children as they noticed some members of the Coast Guard ground crew.

Soon, attention turned to the skies when pupils heard a helicopter, a flare was lit on the pitch, the pupils began to wave as the helicopter flew above them, not knowing it was making its way to the field! The helicopter circled the area, and landed in Father Ferris Field. The helicopter landed successfully and the pupils clapped and cheered.




When the area was declared safe, the flag was presented to Robert and Evelyn from Rang 6 by members of the Coast Guard crew and Caroline Casey.

Next, the pupils were invited to take a closer look at the Irish Coast Guard helicopter. The crew briefed pupils and staff on the features of the helicopter and what the procedure is when the crew are called to  an emergency.




As well as the Irish Coast Guard, the Urban Search and Rescue K9 team came to meet the pupils. ‘Mambo’ the search and rescue dog proved to be very popular with  the Junior Infants from Le Cheile.

Both staff and pupils of the school would like to say ‘Go Raibh Mile Maith Agaibh’ to Caroline Casey , the Irish Coast Guard, the Urban Search and Rescue K9 unit and to everyone involved in arranging this wonderful event.

Both staff and pupils are aware of the important work that the Coast Guard does and appreciate everyone for making the time to come to the school and present the flag in this one of a kind experience.


Autumn Art

The pupils of Castlelyons have been embracing Autumn over the past number of weeks. All the classes have used a variety of art materials to create beautiful autumnal masterpieces.

This post showcases the works of our artists in junior infants, senior infants, Rang 1 and Rang 2.

“Every child is an artist” Pablo Picasso

image4 (3)Junior Infants and Le Cheile

Junior Infants and Le Cheile have been very busy. Junior infants created beautiful Autumn trees, the pupils used a variety of paints to reflect the change of season. The trees are proudly displayed around the classroom. Le Cheile made squirrels complete with orange, red and yellow painted tails. Hedgehogs can be found hiding in the back of the Junior Infant classroom, they are very special hedgehogs because the hedgehogs have gold glitter spikes.

image1 (12) Senior Infants 

Senior Infants created a fantastic Autumn display in the classroom. Pupils painted white plates with the colours that inspire them during this season. The plates are a great representation of the Autumn colours that surround the school. Pupils brought in leaves and other items to present below the display,bringing some of the outdoors into the senior infant classroom.

image3 (3) Rang 1

Rang 1 used warm autumn paints to create autumn print art. The pupils first sponge painted a large white sheet in either yellow, red or orange. Next, using materials such as bottle tops, the pupils dipped the materials in black paint and used a print method to create different vehicles.

image5 (2) Rang 2

Rang 2  too inspiration from the works of Pablo Picasso. The pupils created line drawings from the world around them. The pupils focused on autumn scenes, which feature pumpkins and autumn dancing autumn leaves falling from trees.