Second Class explore Peru

Cultural Day was Friday 15th February. Every class chose a country to study that pupils/parents came from to celebrate multiculturalism in Ireland. Second class chose Peru in South America.

Most of the class knew very little about Peru to begin with. Therefore they were very interested to learn so many facts about this country. Following lots of learning about many parts of Peru, the children created projects in groups which involved research, planning and presentations. Titles of these projects included; ‘Fact File’, ‘Food and Clothes’, ‘Amazing Animals’, ‘Machu Picchu’, ‘The Amazon’ and ‘Similarities and Differences between Ireland and Peru’.

The children dressed up in Peruvian clothes/the colours of Peru: Red and White for Cultural Day and they presented their projects to Junior Infants, Senior Infants, First Class, Le Chéile and many teachers. They did a fantastic job!

Second class also created Llamas in art when learning about Peru. They had so much fun making these and as you can see, they are very impressive! 🙂