Science Week in Rang 2

November 12th – 16th was Science week and rang 2 had a fantastic time being scientists that week.

We learned about the various types of fingerprints; ‘whorl’, ‘arch’, ‘simple loop’ and ‘double loop’. We studied how fingerprints are used to identify people as no two prints are exactly the same and we even found that animals can be identified by their own prints – dog’s by their nose prints. We loved identifying our own fingerprints.

We carried out the ‘Magic Milk experiment’ and discovered the effect washing up liquid has on milk. The food colouring showed us the chemical reaction it created.

We loved making Lava Lamps!

We learned that vegetable oil floats on water as it is less dense. We discovered that Alka Seltzer tablets created a chemical reaction in the vegetable oil causing the food colouring droplets to move like ‘a tornado in the water’.

Finally, we saw the effect mentos had on diet coke. It happened so fast that we needed to borrow a photo from the internet!!

Second class wish it was Science Week every week!