Fun at the Garden Centre

With the recent sunny weather, First class and Le Chéile took a trip to the local garden centre to find some lovely flowers for their class garden.

All the class got to explore the garden centre and even had the opportunity to ask the garden expert Eileen some questions about the flowers. Mrs. Foley even shared some of her knowledge with the boys and girls.

IMG_0052.JPG   The class found some beautiful flowers and found it hard to narrow it down and pick the flowers that would make it to the class garden.

The class were even treated to some orange and biscuts by the garden centre.

After all the fun of the garden centre, it was time to get to work planting the lovely flowers in the class garden.

Thanks so much to the garden centre in Castleyons for a fanatasic trip to the garden centre and for helping us making our lovely garden bloom with our new flowers.