AISTEAR fun in ‘Le Chéile’

The children in Le Chéile and 1st class have enjoyed many AISTEAR themes this year. Take at look a the pictures below to see the fun that was had by all.

THEME 1: The Supermarket

THEME 2: The Hair Salon

This was one of the children’s favourite themes of all. They enjoyed chatting with each other at the salon, choosing hairstyles and colours, making recommendations to their customers and being creative with hairstyles.

THEME 3: Santa’s Grotto

Children dressed up as Santa’s Little Helpers, they baked Christmas cookies, decorated the Christmas tree, posted their Santa letters and enjoyed Christmas dinner.

THEME 4: The Café

This theme was another class favourite. The children enjoyed getting into role as customers and waiters/waitresses. The customers looked at the menu, placed their orders and waited for their yummy food. The waiters/waitresses showed the customers to their seats, took the orders, cooked the food and served each table of customers.

THEME 5: The Doctor’s Surgery

Children got into role as receptionists, doctors, nurses and patients. They also made their own stethoscopes using pipe cleaners and put plasters on wounded teddies.

THEME 6: The Dental Surgery

After the Doctor Surgery theme, the Dentist theme seemed like the perfect follow on. The children used knowledge and experience gained from the previous theme to really make this theme an enjoyable and worthwhile learning experience. The children scrubbed marker from laminated pictures of teeth using tooth paste and toothbrushes. They also scrubbed lego blocks that we pretended were really large teeth. Snippets of conversations overheard included the following:

‘I have to take your tooth out. Don’t be scared!’

‘I will give you an injection. Close your eyes and count to 3.’

‘Next Please! What’s wrong? Do you have a pain?’