Grandparents Day with Second Class

Every year Castlelyons National School makes a big effort to recognise the special contribution that grandparents make to families in their school.

Second Class recently celebrated ‘Grandparents Day’ in school as part of Catholic Schools Week and it was a big success!

Many of the children’s grandparents attended the school on Wednesday 31st January to be given an insight into what school is like nowadays. The children loved showing their grandparents around the classroom, showing them their projects/artwork and introducing them to their classmates. The grandparents were amazed to see all of the resources and displays in classrooms today.

Each of the children wrote an acrostic poem about their grandparents and explained why a grandparent is special in their own words. This was particularly heart-warming.

The children performed a ‘Grandparents Day Poem’ which was enjoyed by all. They also presented their grandparents with beautiful cards that they handmade.

Grandparents got involved in history projects with the children through assisting in questionnaires. Many grandparents shared their own experiences of school and their childhood which led to a fun question and answer session. The children were particularly amazed by how their grandparents had to walk up to 3miles to get to school and how they remembered their teachers making ink in the classroom.


Finally, tea, coffee, cakes and chat followed in the halla. Thanks to Carmel for facilitating this.

Overall it was a fantastic day that we are sure the children will remember and cherish for years to come.

Miss Forde and Mr. De Róiste would like to send a big thanks to everybody who attended!