Halloween Fun in Le Chéile

The children in Le Chéile had great fun during the week leading up to the Halloween break.

They made rice krispie buns that resembled pumpkins by using food colouring to create the orange colour and marshmallows to stick the rice krispies together. They used mini chocolate rolos for the pumpkin stems and some icing for the leaves. Great fun was had and they were yummy!


They all dipped their feet into white paint to create spooky footprint ghost pictures. They titled it -‘Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet’



The children dressed up in Halloween costumes the day of the holidays. They were surprised to get a visit from Little Red Riding Hood (our wonderful SNA, Elaine) and the Big Bad Wolf (her very friendly dog, George). They all took turns to walk George around the room. Rory dressed up as a vet and checked George’s ears and heart. The children are pictured here looking out the classroom door longing for George to come back when he had to leave. I’m sure Elaine will bring him in again another time. It won’t be the last they’ll see of George!


We were all very excited to get our hands dirty and create a spooky pumpkin. The children helped to scoop out all of the pumpkin seeds using their hands.


We played ‘bobbing for apples’ later in the day. The children were not a bit afraid to get their faces wet. Our trips to the swimming pool back in September paid off! 🙂


We hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! from Le Chéile