Tints And Tones

In their second week of 6th class Ms O Tuama set her class the task of making a piece of artwork that shows how one colour can be seen as many different tints and tones.

The class was divided into three groups who were each given a different colour. Yellow , orange and red were the colours used. Everyone began by painting a circle in the middle of the page using glue which was mistaken for white paint. They then dipped their colour into the white to make the lightest shade possible of the colour. Each time they added a little extra of their colour to the white. They used these different tones of colours to paint a circle around the white getting darker each time until it reached them needing to use no more white at all. Once these pictures had dried they took turns using black paint to paint the image of an animal of their choice on a tree branch.

The finished art work looks great and they completed them very well. CIMG2188