Junior Infants AISTEAR and School Tour

The Farm

The children in Junior Infants learned about the theme of the farm during the Month of March. They enjoyed learning about farm animals and their babies, animal homes and farm produce. They helped their teacher, Miss Corcoran, to set up mini farms around the classroom for AISTEAR role play.



Interviewing a local farmer

Local Farmer, Timmy McCarthy kindly visited the class to talk to the junior infants about his job. They asked him lot of interesting questions about farming and animals. He brought in some cattle feed, ear tags, pictures of his farm, silage and a milk bucket for calves. They really enjoyed his visit and we now have a lot of aspiring farmers in our class.


Making homemade butter

The infants were so excited when Miss Corcoran told them that they were going to make butter using methods from long ago. They sequenced the steps involved in making butter in small groups. Then they began the process. First they poured cream into a glass jar and added a dice to help speed up the process. They took turns to shake the cream in the jar until it turned into butter. They rinsed off the buttermilk and added salt for taste. The next method was the old-fashioned paddle churn. Cream was added to the paddle churn and children took turns to turn the handle until the cream turned to butter. This method was quicker and much easier. The buttermilk was rinsed off and salt was added again for taste. The children’s favourite part of the process was tasting their homemade butter on fresh bread. Many agreed that it was the best butter they had ever tasted!


The Vet

Juniors learned about the job of a vet and some vocabulary associated with the vet surgery such as stethoscope, thermometer, medicine, injection etc. A veterinary surgery was set up in our classroom. Children got into role as vets, veterinary nurses, receptionists and local people bringing their animals to the vet. They learned about making an appointment, waiting in the waiting room and buying medicine for their pet’s aftercare.


Interviewing a vet

We were very lucky to get a visit from local vet, Edward Myers and his gorgeous dog, Sandy. The children asked Ed questions about being a vet. He explained to the children how to care for a pet and showed them how he checks Sandy’s heart, ears and teeth. Some children got a turn to use the stethoscope on Sandy and others got to walk her around the room on her lead. All children had great fun petting Sandy and didn’t want her to leave.


The Home

Our final AISTEAR theme of the year was ‘The Home’. Children enjoyed getting into role as mammies, daddies and kids at the home role play area. They were looking after babies, cooking dinner, folding clothes and hoovering and sweeping the house. I hope they are as helpful with chores in their own homes. Children also built mini homes out of magnet shapes and NEXUS connector blocks. They were so proud of their creations.

The children decided that they needed a car for the family of the home to get from place to place. They were so excited to paint the pop up cardboard Volvo car that was donated to the school earlier in the year by the McCarthys.

It is so big now that it has been painted and assembled, that it won’t fit out the door! There goes teacher’s plan of raffling it off!  Children loved getting inside the car and pretending they were driving it during AISTEAR role play. Take a look at the photos to see the fun that was had!



School Tour

Junior Infants went on their school tour to Leahy’s Open Farm on Friday 9th June. They had a fun-filled day incorporating a variety of activities. They saw and fed many animals on the farm, had a spin on the mini-tractors, went down the super scary ‘Big Drop Slide’, climbed to the top of the climbing frame, set up camp in the enchanted forest, made a wish in the leprechaun tunnel and explored both indoor play areas.