Le Chéile have been ‘Busy Bees’ this Summer Term


Take a look at some of the things that Le Chéile have been up to since the beginning of May.

Science Experiments

Le Chéile made patterns using the sweets ‘skittles’ on plates. They were very careful as Ms. Forde poured warm water into the middle of the plate. They were amazed to see the colours blend together so quickly. They then used filter paper to make rainbow prints from this mixture.


Role Play

Le Chéile have developed their social and conversational skills through various role plays over the past few weeks. One of which was a ‘Burger Bar’. They had great fun taking on the roles of chef, customer, waiter and manager on the till. They ordered from the menu and practiced using money when paying for their meal. They learned some new phrases that they can use in any restaurant and they thoroughly enjoyed ‘eating’ their meals at the end.


Bubble Painting

Le Chéile had loads of fun ‘Bubble Painting’ in the playground. They mixed food dye into the bubbles and blew different colour bubbles onto card. They watched the bubbles burst to make a lovely piece of art.


Dog and Puppy visits 

Le Chéile got a very special visit from our SNA Elaines’ dog ‘George’. It was a lovely surprise. George was a very intelligent dog who listened to commands and even did magic tricks. The children were particularly amazed with how he could open the classroom door all by himself. They took him for a walk around the yard and had loads of fun.


Thanks to the Hallihan family in Castlelyons, Le Chéile also got a visit from one of their newborn puppies ‘Lobo’. They adored Lobo and loved petting him. They found him very funny as he was so playful.



Recently Le Chéile cooked Spaghetti Bolognese with the help of their teacher Ms. Forde and SNAs Miriam and Lynda.  They learned about what ingredients they needed and helped to prepare and cook the Spaghetti Bolognese. They were amazed at how the mince changed colour and how they spaghetti went from hard to soft. In the end, their favourite part was eating it all!

Learning about the Gardaí

Le Chéile have been learning about ‘people who work in our community’ a lot recently. As they have already met with a Doctor, Nurse, Vet, Fire Fighter, Baker, Airhostess, Postman and Shopkeeper, they were keen to meet with a Garda. They learned about the job of a Garda and how they can help us in many ways. They learned about many aspects of the Gardaí, including their clothing, where they work, what they drive, what gear they might have etc. It was then very special when three Gardaí – Conor, Peter and Wayne came to visit us in school. They brought a Garda car AND a Garda van. Le Chéile got to try on some of their equipment including hats and handcuffs. They also got to sit and ‘drive’ both vehicles. They loved hearing the sirens go. It was a very fun day.

Thank you to the Fermoy Garda Station for facilitating this visit.