Dona’s Flower

Yesterday my teacher told us to plant flowers. First, teacher gave me a label. I wrote my name on the label. Teacher gave me a cup and I put the label on the cup so everyone would know it was my flower.


Next, I put the cup upside down and put four holes in the bottom, because teacher told me to do it to help the flower drain any extra water out.



Then, I got some soil from the bag, and filled my cup. I filled it up with the soil and pushed the soil firmly down.  I went to the sink, I lifted the handle of the tap to put in some water in my cup.

Teacher put different seeds out for the class, the choices were lettuce, sweet peas and flowers. I picked flowers because I love them and they smell so good.  I put the seeds in the cup and pushed the seeds down to make sure they were in the soil.



Finally, I brought my cup to the cupboard, opened the door of the cupboard and put my cup in, and closed the door.  Teacher said I had to do this so the seeds can germinate. This will help my flowers grow.



I am so excited to see my flowers.

By Dona, Rang a 3.