Easter Egg-citement in Le Chéile

Le Chéile were very busy preparing for Easter through various activities the first week in April. They made Easter bunnies during art using cotton wool, paint and photographs of themselves.


Le Chéile enjoyed going on an Easter Egg Hunt around the school to find lots of chocolate coins, chocolate eggs and sweets that Ms. Forde had hidden.


The pupils in Le Chéile also made beautiful Easter Flower arrangements. We soaked the oasis overnight and Ms. Forde cut the flowers and foliage in the morning so that they were not too big. The pupils then made their flower arrangement by pushing the stems of the flowers and foliage into the oasis. They decorated it in the end with little chicks, sheep and eggs.

Some of the finished flower arrangements.

They learned the names of some new flowers and practiced their fine motor skills while having lots of fun. 🙂