Junior Infants learn about the Fire Station

Throughout the month of February, children in Junior Infants learned all about the fire station as part of their ‘Aistear-learning through play’ theme.

During Aistear time, children learned about the fire station at 3 different stations: ‘Role Play Station’, ‘Small World Station’ and ‘Creative Station’. Children got into role as fire fighters and used vocabulary associated with the fire station when playing at the various stations.
They then visited Fermoy Fire Station where they got a guided tour of the station by local fire fighters. The children prepared questions to interview the firefighters about their job. They were shown uniforms and equipment in the station and got the chance to explore both fire trucks. Each child had a turn spraying the hose and got a fire safety pack to take home.
Take a look at some of our Aistear photographs below to see the great fun that the children had learning about the fire station.