Christmas Cribs Rang 4

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Oh that day when 4th class went silent as our class teacher Ms. Feeney told us we had to make cribs in the time of three and a half weeks. That after-noon nervousness flew across the room even though most students were quiet positive. We all set off home eager to tell our parents about the project Ms. Feeney set out for us. as we all got back to our houses we all set off to find materials. As the days past, cribs were coming in and were made out of timber, cardboard, ginger-bread, of old shelfs and shoe boxes.

As we were showing them off teacher would not stop telling us that we had surpassed our expectations and her expectations! Some of them were running late but all came in before the dead line. We all loved listening to each other as we told the class how we made and marked our selves out of 10. Now we start to worry about the next fourth class project!


P.S We did great!!!!



Ms. Feeney asked 4th class to make cribs for Christmas. We all have and think we surpassed teachers expectations. When each of our classmates were finished their cribs they brought them in and did an oral speech on how they did it. Let me tell you something, Ms. Feeney was flabbergasted at all of them. They were all made out of different things such as cardboard, lollipop sticks, gingerbread and wood. At the end of the day everyone had put so much effort and hard work into their cribs so teacher was delighted with all of them.


Ms. Feeney gave 4th class, a challenge which was to construct a Christmas crib and to have it in by the 16th of December.

A lot of people designed it differently and some of them were made out of wood, cardboard, lollipop sticks and even gingerbread.

Different cribs were designed in all sorts of ways, such as tinsel and straw for the floor. Some had lights and some didn’t , some had cotton wool for snow.

Some had characters from real cribs and some others made their own.

Kate and Cliona



Our teacher Ms. Feeney informed is that we had to make a crib in the time frame of 3 and a half weeks.


We all attempted to complete the task successfully .


The materials used in the cribs varied between lollipop sticks, timber, cardboard and gingerbread and marzipan.


We all went to great extent on completing them successfully and we al finished on time or time prior prior to the time.


Teacher was so impressed, in her terms, she was flabbergasted! And I believe we surpassed not only our teachers expectations but also our own.


It was great making our cribs ad we all loved talking and listening to other people explaining how they made theirs.