Rang 5 agus Rang 6 Recounts of the Local History Trail


Local History Trail

By Ella (6th Class)

On Friday the 16th of September, 5th and 6th class with our teachers went on a history trail to visit many of Castlelyons greatest buildings. This information would help us with our history project on the ancient and beautiful village of Castlelyons.

Firstly we tried to wait patiently in our line with our booklets and partners. But it was too exciting to wait quietly. The wait was then finally over and we were on the road heading towards the fascinating Barrymore Castle.

Then we walked down the main road of Castlelyons which used to be The Grand Avenue of the Barrymore Castle. We learnt that the Barrymore Castle was built in 1204 by William de Barry. A fire burnt it down in 1771. The fire smouldered for 3 months straight and that is why it is dangerous to visit now. We were allowed to bring our cameras or phones so many of us took pictures of the ruins.

After all of our strolling along the footpath we ended up at the Abbey. We sat soundless as we listened to our principal Mr.de Róiste talk to us about the interesting friary and the Carmelites that lived there. We walked through the arched doorway and ended up in a huge room where people would stand to listen to the monks pray even though the people wouldn’t understand them because the monks would be speaking Latin. Right in front of us was the chancel this is where the altar is and the graves of the Carmelites. We slowly walked through every room and we were learning more and more as we went along.

Eventually we left the Abbey to go and visit the old school and the graveyard. We walked across the bridge going over the Shanowen and we took a halt at a cardboard factory which surprisingly was the old school of Castlelyons. Around the corner and up a long narrow road led us to the graveyard. The graveyard is separated into two parts the new part, where the latest gravestones were made, and the older part of the graveyard with gravestones that could be seen are dated from earlier than the 18th century. There are two mausoleums in the older graveyard, one belonging to the Peard family and the other belonging to the Barrymore’s.

I had a great day exploring Castlelyons and getting amazing information about the beautiful village we live in.

Local History Trail 408.JPG

Our History Trail

by Ciara (5th Class)

On the 16th of September 5th and 6th class went around Castlelyons on a history trail with Mr. de Róiste, Ms. Fox, Ms. O ‘Tuama, Ms. Murray.

Firstly, we lined up and got our clipboards and booklets. We walked through the teacher’s car park. We quickly crossed the road at Stables Cross and stopped and Mr.de Róiste read what it said on the cold bronze plaque. It said that the main street in Castlelyons was the Grand Avenue for the Castle and the main Cork Dublin route.

Secondly, we stopped at a rock with writing engraved on it. It said the castle was built in the 13th century and burnt down in 1771. We walked on and stopped outside the old creamery there is a brightly painted horse cart with flowers planted in it. We learned that the person that owned the old creamery live in James Tobin’s house.

Next we walked all the way down to the Abbey where the Carmelite monks from Drogheda used to live. We learned about the twin light windows and that the Congregation used to sit in the Nave and the monk said mass in the Chancel. The monks believed the closer a person is buried to the altar the faster a person gets to heaven so the Abbotts are always buried closest to the altar.

After we walked into the ambulatory and we saw the pillars on the wall around the cloister and we learned all about ambulatory. Mr. de Róiste told us John De Barry gave the land to the Carmelite monks and after the monks left Richard Boyle got the land.

After we went to the old school it had eight windows on the front, there was a plaque on the ground.

Eventually we went to the graveyard and we saw the mausoleum that was built by David Sheehan and John Haughton around 1753 for the Barrymore family, and all the grave stones.

Finally we walked back up to school.

I really enjoyed the history trail because I learned a lot of the interesting facts about Castlelyons.