Rang 5 Maths Fair

On Friday the 17th of June, Rang a Cúig hosted a Maths Fair in their classroom. Rang a Ceathair were guests at the Fair.

On Wednesday the 15th of June, Rang a Cúig discussed different events that could be held during the final weeks of school. Teacher suggested hosting a Maths fair, the whole class agreed that a Maths Fair was a wonderful idea.

Soon after, when the date for the fair was picked, the class wrote an invitation to Rang a Ceathair to come to the maths fair.

Rang a cúig arranged the different maths topics for the fair. The class worked with Ms. Finn to pick the math challenges. The class selected:

  1. Place Value
  2. Lines and Angles/The Circle
  3. Length
  4. Shapes
  5. Fractions
  6. Money
  7. Chance
  8. Weight
  9. Capacity
  10. Tables
  11. Area
  12. Operations

Tables were set up in the classroom for each math challenge. Two pupils from Rang a cúig were at each station to quiz the pupils from Rang a ceathair on the different maths subjects.

Rang a ceathair enjoyed the different stations, and liked the topics that Rang cúig picked.

Everyone had a great time at the Maths Fair 🙂