Two students from Rang a 4 write very informative recounts of their recent Maths Fair (17.6.2016)



By Sarah

On Friday 17th of June at 11:15 all of our class went into the fifth class room to play some maths games.

First we went to their classroom and were kindly greeted by Ms Finn.She explained a few rules and we went in to begin our adventure through maths.

Next we went to loads of different maths stations we had so much fun.Chloe and I were partners we had so much fun doing all the maths problems.

Then we went to a few other groups , my favourite group was Cathal and Angelos group,they were very enthusiastic.Their station was the measurment station.

After we all lined up to leave , we gave fifth class a big clap for there great work , but most of us were distracted whilst rumaging through all the sweets we won.

Finally we came back into the classroom and ate our lunch and of course all our sweets.

I think fifth class did amazing work ,so much time and effort went into the maths fair.

Maith thu Rang a cuig



By Clara

On Friday the 17 june 4th & 5th class got together for a maths fair.

First we all went into the portacabin (MS Finns class) and Miss Finn greeted us.

Secondly, my group (SAOIRSE & LAUREN) went around to the stations.We did 3d shapes, money,chance,operation,place value,tables and measuring lines.

Thirdly, we all went to see if we got a prize.I came 2nd in the money station and I won a highlighter.

It was a great day and I hope that I will be able to do it again next year.