Art Group Projects R.5

On Friday the 27th of May, 5th Class completed four Art projects on their separate novels. Everyone in the class was involved in their separate projects.

Benny and Omar (by Eoin Colfer)
The “Benny and Omar” group made a wall in the middle dividing both sides of the scene. On one side, Benny is hitting a scorpion over the wall using a hurley. On the opposite side, Omar is holding Benny’s tennis ball. Benny is an Irish boy who quickly learns about life in Tusinia with his new friend Omar. They were making the figurines out of clay and the wall out of cardboard and they painted it. They also used stones, branches and weeds that were found outside to make the project even more realistic.image2 (3)image6image1 (3)


Holes (by Louis Sachar)
The “Holes” group made an aerial view of the camp, the tents, and the compound. The workers digging holes, the Warden’s Office, and Mr. Sir’s Office can be seen in the background. The novel is about boys that have committed a misdemeanor and were sent to Camp Green Lake.

Mr. Nobody’s Eyes (by Michael Morpurgo)
The “Mr. Nobody’s Eyes” group made a bomb site. In the story, Ocky ran away from home and Harry Hawkins brought him back to his secret den. There has been a lot of commotion getting Ocky back to his owner. They were making an overview of the bomb site and Harry’s den. They used clay to create the walls, LEGO figurines for the characters, fur and felt for the carpeted area.

Wildflower Girl (by Marita Conlon-McKenna)
The “Wildflower Girl” group made a house in the scene where Peggy leaves Castletaggart for America. They used many different materials such as clay, paint, cotton wool and cereal boxes to create a “Wildflower Girl” scene, with the main character Peggy, leaving Eily, Nano and Michael.


Ava Darren Ella Gearoid Josh Marc
Angelo Cees Cian Maeve Mary Ellen Saoirse
Aaron Cathal James Jane Jessie Sinead
Adrian Alison Jade Leah Lee Matthew

In conclusion, this art project was very enjoyable. It was one of the best completed in our class over the previous seven years of primary school education. The children listed above put a tremendous amount of effort and thought into their art projects.