Planting by Rang 5

Rang a cúig have been working hard over Spring, between preparing for the Confirmation the class found time to do some gardening.

Rang a cúig are taking part in the ‘Sow and Grow’ scheme with Innocent Smoothies and Grow It Yourself . Ms. Finn applied for the ‘Sow and Grow’ pack and a few weeks later the starter kit arrived.

The pack included 3 different types of plants. The plants were

  • Courgettes
  • Spinach
  • Peas

The class were very excited to begin planting and even more excited to see the plants grow!

One Monday, Ms. Finn brought in some compost, each pupil filled a cup with compost and planted a seed from each plant in a cup. As you can see from the photo below our spinach and peas are starting to peek through 🙂


The class water the plants twice a week. The plants are on the window ledge, to protect the plant from being damaged and also to allow the plant to get as much sun light as possible so that it can grow.

As well as taking part in this scheme. The class planted peppers and raspberries outside the class cabin. One Friday, the class and Ms. Finn dug up the ground using hand shovels, and made sure there were no stones on the ground. When the soil was ready, pupils placed the plants in the soil and covered the roots with compost to make sure  the plant was secure.

The pupils have been watering the plants daily to make sure the class have a successful crop 🙂

Well Done Rang 5 🙂



A few weeks ago, the peas and the spinach started to sprout in the cups, when they outgrew the cups, we decided to plant them outside.

Some of us brought in bamboo sticks to help the pea stand. Ms. Finn showed us how to stand the bamboo sticks so that the peas can wrap around the bamboo.

We planted the spinach around the peas outside the class cabin. We watered the plants twice a week. After three weeks, our peas and spinach started to sprout. When our peas had sprouted, we tasted the peas.

image5 (3)

The peppers soon outgrew the cups. We transferred the peppers to a larger container so that the peppers can continue to grow, we hope to see a pepper sprout before the Summer Holidays.