Introduction to Aistear

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Castlelyons National School has introduced Aistear to the Junior and Senior Infant classes. A post featuring Aistear in action will be published in the next few days, but untill then, here is some information on Aistear.

“Aistear is the curriculum framework for children from birth to six years in Ireland. It provides information for adults to help them plan for and provide enjoyable and challenging learning experiences, so that all children can grow and develop as competent and confident learners within loving relationships with others. Aistear describes the types of learning (dispositions, values and attitudes, skills, knowledge, and understanding) that are important for children in their early years, and offers ideas and suggestions as to how this learning might be nurtured. The Framework also provides guidelines on supporting children’s learning through partnerships with parents, interactions, play, and assessment. In supporting children’s early learning and development” (NCCA, 2009)

Aistear  identifies what and how children should learn, and describes the types of experiences that can support this. There are 12 Principles and 4 themes of Aistear.

The 12 Principles are

Early Childhood: – Uniqueness

-Equality and diversity


Connections with others: – Relationships

– The role of the adult

– Parents and Families

Learning and Developing: – Holistic


– Play, hand-on experience

-Relevant and meaningful

– Communication and language

– Learning environment

Below are charts that breakdown the 4 themes of Aistear. These give a simple explanation for the different themes and the aims of each theme.

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If you would like to read more about Aistear in more detail then click this link to read a copy of the official Aistear handbook.